Is Your Data Secure Enough for Employee Phones?

Is Your Data Secure Enough for Employee Phones?

With about 75% of employees using their own devices for their work communications and productivity, businesses must implement safeguards to avoid company data from being compromised should a device be stolen, hacked or contract a virus. The BYOD (bring your own device) trend has grown as many employees have eschewed company-issued mobile devices, preferring to use their own. But, while a company can install certain software and make security settings on its own phones, the task is harder when your workers want to use their own devices for their jobs, according to a new study by mobile solutions provider CDW.

Fortunately, the market has responded with systems and software to help businesses secure the personal smartphones and tablets that their employees use to conduct their jobs. There are a number of benefits to allowing your staff to BYOD, according to the CDW report, including:

  • More employee satisfaction – It allows them to choose the phone they prefer, and requires them to keep one device. 
  • Increased productivity – When your employees have access to your company’s resources, they can do their work from anywhere that is convenient.
  • Cost savings – You won’t be shelling out for phones and cell phone plans, although you may need to pay for various security platforms.
  • Disaster recovery – If disaster occurs, your staff can work remotely with their smartphone.

Also, because the employees are likely to have their phone plans through a variety of carriers, if one carrier goes down in a disaster others may still be operational. But, increased mobility comes with more risk to your company’s data or the information you store on your customers.

Some employees co-mingling personal and business uses on the phone pose dangers,  particularly if the device is compromised and passwords discovered. The biggest concern is hackers gaining access to an employee’s personal files and using them as a gateway to your company’s data. This is made particularly easy if an employee uses the same password for both work and personal accounts.




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