We Keep Our Staff Happy So They Can Help You

We Keep Our Staff Happy So They Can Help You

George Petersen Insurance Agency and its branch offices take great pride in the service that we provide to our clients. The service you have come to expect is thanks to our dedicated employees. We strive to provide our employees with a workplace that is flexible and provides a healthy work-life balance. This atmosphere starts at the top of our organization. Our management instills confidence and trust in their employee’s work, which leads to our staff feeling appreciated and proud of the work they are doing.

Thanks to a caring management team and “family” atmosphere, George Petersen recently won the “Best Places to Work” award for the 10th year in a row from the North Bay Business Journal. A by-product of this corporate culture is that our offices have a number of long-term employees. With long-term employees comes priceless institutional and industry knowledge. It helps us provide you with the top-level service and advice that you deserve. It also gives us an advantage when bringing on new staff because those long-term employees can share their industry knowledge as the George Petersen family continues to grow. This has proven invaluable as we have grown and incorporated staff from the agencies we have merged with over the years.

Our employees offer a warm, friendly and welcoming energy so the new employees feel like they are a part the GP family. Our employees showed their commitment to our clients last October when the wildfires ravaged our Santa Rosa community and surrounding areas. When the fires hit, our Santa Rosa office quickly came together to provide the resources that our community needed at this time. From having our office open early that Monday morning, to contacting our carriers asking them to send claim teams to our Santa Rosa office, our dedicated staff got the job done. We had a barbeque going and provided a warm meal to anyone who came through our door. Despite the issues that our staff were dealing with at home, they stepped up and put our clients’ needs front and center. When our employees feel good about the work that they do, and the company they’re working for, it creates an environment of hard workers who have the best interests of the company and clients in mind.

Employee Stats

0-3 years working with GP: 59 staff members – 33%

3-5 years working with GP: 521 staff members – 12%

5-10 years working with GP: 31 staff members – 17%

10-15 years working with GP: 23 staff members – 25%

More than 15 years working with GP: 45 staff members – 25%

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