Whether you’re an individual looking for a bond, or a business with various bonding requirements - we can assist with your bonding needs. In order to operate a business in the U.S., there are numerous types of financial obligations and permits that may require a bond. The process can be confusing because while bonds are regulated by the Department of Insurance, the procedure and underwriting can be very different.

Why George Petersen for Surety?

Whether finding a bond solution for you, or assisting with the renewal of an existing bond - we offer step-by-step guidance during your bonding process.

  • Over 70 years of surety & bond experience
  • Strong relationships in the marketplace
  • Access to many leading surety companies
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Access to bonds in all 50 states

We can help you with:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bonds, Payment, and Maintenance Bonds
  • $100,000 - LLC Employee Worker Bonds
  • Subdivision Bonds
  • Contractors' License Bonds
  • Excavation Bonds
  • Encroachment Bonds
  • Release of Lien Bonds
Restaurants, Breweries & Wineries
  • TTB Brewer’s Bonds
  • Bonded Winery Bonds
  • Sales Tax Bonds
  • Excise Tax Bonds
  • Various State Bonds
  • Customs Bonds
  • Tax-Deferral Bonds
  • Utility Bonds
  • Liquor Liability Bonds

Other bonds we offer:

  • Fidelity Bonds
    • ERISA Bonds
    • Business Services Bonds - Employee Dishonesty
    • Third-Party Crime Policy
    • Notary Bonds
  • Court Bonds
    • Probate Bonds, Conservatorship Bonds, Injunction Bonds, Stop Notice Bonds, and more.
  • Car Wash Bonds
  • Farm Labor Bonds
  • Wine Bonds (Individual State Alcohol Bonds)
  • DMV Bonds

With our experienced team and access to an array of surety carriers, we can offer access to all types of bonds. Contact us today and we will find the right bond for you.

Our Bonds Team

Cheryl Griggs

Cheryl Griggs

Bonds Producer
Jeff Okrepkie

Jeff Okrepkie, CLCS, CRIS

Commercial & Bonds Producer
Greg Vermeulen

Greg Vermeulen

Commercial & Bonds Producer

Whether you’re looking to protect your family, home or business, we have the experience you’re looking for.

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