With over 85 years of experience, our employee benefits team offers benefits programs to meet your unique needs while attracting and retaining employees. We deliberate with our clients to identify their needs to help find an appropriate solution.

Our goal is to enhance your benefits program while reducing costs. We offer a wide variety of resources and services, all of which are complementary to our clients.

Cost Containment

We use cost-containment strategies and offer clients an employee benefits program tailored to their business. With an understanding of health and welfare plan design and access to all carriers, we help clients define their benefits goals and find an attractive and affordable program that fits their needs.

  • Shop Marketplace Annually
  • Alternative Funding Methods
    • We offer fully-insured as well as self-funded employee benefits plans. During our plan analysis employer/employee premium contribution formulas and employer benchmarks are examined.

Implementation and Communication

Our team facilitates the implementation of plans and the communication of benefits to employees. We will take care of:

  • Organizing employee meetings and on-site open enrollment assistance - paperless enrollment option available.
  • Developing employee communication materials (available in English and Spanish)
  • Claims administration, terminations, new hires, billing, etc.
  • Communicate with carriers on your behalf and review all contracts before sending them to the insurance company.
  • Bilingual Services
    • On-site employee meetings
    • Forms
    • Online Benefits Administration
    • Direct contact for Spanish-speaking employees

Compliance Assistance

Unlimited access to your dedicated team. We provide benefits information to employees and assist your business in staying compliant with ever-changing laws and regulations.

  • ERISA Attorney on Retainer - assistance with hiring/termination practices, HR compliance, ERISA Compliance, plus more with no cost to you.
  • COBRA Administration
  • Affordable Care Act Compliance

Loss Control Department

Our Loss Control team offers clients valuable safety and human resources guidance. From OSHA protocol assistance, and facilitating required training, to answering complex HR questions. They work with clients and their employees to assist in reducing injuries and increasing compliance, with the ultimate goal of reducing losses in the workplace.

Technology Solutions

Empower employees to make better healthcare decisions and increase productivity, while simplifying the administration processes.

Our Employee Benefits Portal offers a solution for an easy, secure, paperless enrollment process. In addition to easier enrollment, utilize the portal all year round to access censuses, plans, and implement an online employee onboarding process.

HR GP, the HR Compliance Portal, delivers step-by-step guidance on how to comply with a broad range of laws - from Health Care Reform, COBRA, and FMLA to interviewing, hiring, and termination processes. It also features dynamic interactive HR tools, such as an employee handbook builder, job description builder, and a salary benchmarking tool.

Whether you have 5 employees or 500, our HR Compliance Portal provides easy-to-understand guidelines that will help you save time and remain compliant.

Save time and money while strengthening compliance and risk prevention efforts.

GPTrack is a web-based risk management and safety platform designed to ease compliance, improve risk prevention efforts & results, and relieve regulatory pain points. The portal includes a bilingual risk management library, assistance tracking and trending incidents, and an employee training program.

Whether you’re looking to protect your family, home or business, we have the experience you’re looking for.

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