Cal/OSHA Model Violence Prevention Plan Has Been Published

Cal/OSHA Model Violence Prevention Plan Has Been Published

Cal/OSHA has published a model plan to help employers comply with a new law requiring that they have in place a workplace violence plan. The model is designed to provide structure for employers to create their own plans. Businesses have the option to use the model plan, create their own or use another plan template. Alternatively, they may incorporate workplace violence prevention into their current Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.

The new requirements are the result of SB 553, which was signed into law last year in response to increases in workplace violence incidents around the country. Cal/OSHA has posted the model plan and a fact sheet for general industry here. The model plan is written for a broad spectrum of employers, and companies will need to revise it and add their own information to address the specific needs of their workplace.

Cal/OSHA notes that employers who plan to use the model should identify an individual or individuals to be responsible for implementing the plan, and ensure that they:

  • Review the full requirements of the new law (Labor Code sections 6401.7 and 6401.9).
  • Review the requirements for each of the elements found in the model plan and fill in the parts that will focus the plan on their particular workplace.
  • Obtain the active involvement of employees and their authorized employee representatives in developing and implementing the plan.
  • Make the plan available and easily accessible to affected employees, authorized employee representatives, and representatives of Cal/OSHA upon request.

The law also requires you to train your staff on the details of the plan to ensure they know what to do in case of an incident or if they want to report a threat of violence in the workplace. To ensure the plan is effective requires planning, evaluating the workplace, putting in place procedures and training.

Getting started

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