Homeowners Insurance: Your Detached Structures May Be Underinsured

homeowners insurance detached structures pool shed

Your homeowner’s insurance policy protects you from having to pay on your own for damage to your home caused by fire, wind, smoke, and other causes. However, your home might not be all you have to worry about. Does your property have a gazebo? A deck? A pool? An outside kitchen? A shed? A fence?…

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Have You Renovated Your Home? Call Your Insurer

Americans have been busy renovating their homes in record numbers since the COVID-19 pandemic. Home renovation spending grew 15% in the last year to a median of $15,000 (according to Houzz). It also found that higher-budget projects saw an increase to $85,000 or more in 2020, compared with $80,000 in the two years prior. When…

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