Wildfire Mitigation Services

Wildfires are here to stay. Be Proactive. Have a plan.

Businesses across California are facing a landslide of cancellations and premium increases from insurance companies due to the increased risk of wildfire. The combination of rural locations and highly valued property such as buildings and equipment mean an increased fire risk - and in today’s world, a new way of protecting yourself.

Are you ready for the next wildfire? 

Don't wait until it's too late to take action. Learn more about Wildfire Mitigation Services and how they can help you reduce your risk of fire damage today.

Wildfire mitigation services

We know the process of choosing a wildfire mitigation services provider can be overwhelming. That’s why many George Petersen clients use Wildfire Services Group (WSG), the full-service solution for identifying risks and improving wildfire resilience:

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Systems-Based, 100+ Point Risk & Mitigation Report


Structure Hardening & Defensible Space


Wildfire Resilience & Insurance

Wildfire Services Group gives owners a structured plan to assess, protect, and maintain residential and commercial values-at-risk in order to reduce the impact of wildfire.

Learn more about wildfire mitigation services and start protecting your property today.

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