Workers’ Comp Construction Dual-Wage Threshold Increase

Workers’ Comp Construction Dual-Wage Threshold Increase

Nearly all the workers’ compensation dual-wage class codes for the construction sector have increased as of Sept. 1, 2022. Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara approved the recommendation by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) of California to increase the wage thresholds for high-wage workers.

What are Dual-Wage Thresholds

Dual-wage thresholds divide high and low-wage workers into separate workers’ compensation classifications in various construction industry sectors. These different pay rates for workers have proven to result in different workers’ comp injury rates and costs. Statistically, higher-paid workers in a high-wage classification are less likely to suffer an on-the-job injury, which in turn means that their employers will pay a lower rate. The low-wage/high workplace injury rate tier of employee, on the other hand, the dual-wage classification means higher workers’ comp premium rates. Below are the new thresholds, that take effect for all policies starting on or after Sept. 1, 2022.

2022 (as of Sept. 1) Per-Hour Wage Thresholds


Masonry: $32/hour, up from $28


5183(1)/5187(1) |  5183(2)/5187(2) | 5183(3)/5187(3) 

Plumbing | Refrigeration equipment | Heating or air conditioning equipment: $31/hour, up from $28



Auto sprinkler installation: $32/hour, up from $29



Electrical wiring: $34/hour, up from $32


5201(1)/5205(1) | 5201(2)/5205(2) 

Concrete or cement work (pouring, finishing, patios, sidewalks, driveways, etc.) | Concrete or cement work (pouring, finishing of concrete floor slabs): $32/hour, up from $28



Carpentry: $39/hour, up from $35



Wallboard installation: $38/hour, up from $36



Glaziers: $36/hour, up from $33


5474(1)/5482(1) | 5474(2)/5482(2) | 5474(3)/5482(3)

Painting, wallpaper install | Waterproofing | Painting, water, oil or gasoline storage tanks: $31/hour, up from $28



Plastering, stucco work: $36/hour, up from $32


5538(1)/5542(1) |5538(2)/5542(2)

Sheet metal work | Heating, AC ductwork: $29/hour, up from $27



Roofing: $29/hour, up from $27



Steel framing: $39/hour, up from $35


6218(1)/6220(1)6218(2)/6220(2) | 6218(3)/6220(3)

Excavation | Grading land | Land leveling: $39/hour, up from $34



Sewer construction: $39/hour, up from $34



Water mains, connections construction | Gas mains, connections construction: $39/hour, up from $34



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